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People we’re always asking us how to get news or what they could pray for us.  So we started ‘Pray for the Witts’ is a bi weekly prayer and news podcast.

It’d quick, easy and informative – 3 updates and 3 prayer requests all packaged up in a 4 minute podcast. We’d love for you to wotk with us and be involved. 

About Jon

In no particular order I’m a Thinker, Pioneer, Evangelist, Missionary, Husband, rather mad Everton fan and Father of 3 Great Boys…..

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I’m someone who explains God’s love and wants to try and make a difference. You’ll find me leading the work of Dignity, talking about Jesus, assisting Churches, building community to reach out to others or encouraging others to do the same.

I love photography and travelling as well so you can link to me on Social media. You’ll keep up with some great photo’s and posts from wherever I find myself. Don’t forget my blog either which I post to every week offering thoughts and opinion on mission and pioneering both in Africa and the UK.

At the moment I live between Africa and the UK, spending about 8 or 9 months in Africa every year.