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IMG_5914‘Lighthouse’ is my audio podcast channel hosted on iTunes. Whether it’s a talk I share in a venue or just an audio blog, I’ll be posting it here for your listening. My aim is to inspire you to think deeper about Jesus, faith and connecting with the world in which we live in. The lighthouse pictured to the left is situated on the North Coast of Iceland, visible to shipping for miles around. In the same way, we are to be a lighthouse for anyone we meet. Subscribe below





About Jon

In no particular order I’m a Thinker, Pioneer, Evangelist, Missionary, Husband, rather mad Everton fan and Father of 3 Great Boys…..

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I’m someone who explains God’s love and wants to try and make a difference. You’ll find me leading the work of Dignity, talking about Jesus, assisting Churches, building community to reach out to others or encouraging others to do the same.

I love photography and travelling as well so you can link to me on Social media. You’ll keep up with some great photo’s and posts from wherever I find myself. Don’t forget my blog either which I post to every week offering thoughts and opinion on mission and pioneering both in Africa and the UK.

At the moment I live between Africa and the UK, spending about 8 or 9 months in Africa every year.